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Help with Masterpoints Centre Web Site

Using the Masterpoint Centre web site

There is a detailed Guide for Club Masterpoint Secretaries (PDF - 6 pages), describing the functionality of the new web site. Clubs are urged to read this document before starting to use the new site interactively.

Differences between old and new web sites
  • All parts of the web site can be accessed from the menu that appears on the left side of all pages.

  • As edits and other submissions are processed automatically, masterpoint secretaries will need a login and password to access those parts of the web site. Clubs can only manage their own home members and club details. Login names and passwords have been mailed or emailed to all club Masterpoint Secretaries. Contact the Masterpoint Centre Manager if you have not received your login details.

  • Player details, reactivations, transfers and deletions are done by clicking Edit Player Details on the left menu. Changes made are visible immediately.

  • New players are added by clicking Add New Player on the left menu. An ABF Number is allocated immediately, and the player will appear in all your reports.

  • Masterpoint files from scoring programs are uploaded via a web page instead of being emailed. As soon as they are uploaded, masterpoints appear on players accounts, marked as provisional. Promotions and totals are updated at month-end.

  • Masterpoints can be individually entered (CPAR and Sundry) by clicking Enter Awards on the menu at the left.

  • Updating is done every month. (Previously, the first quarter was divided into only two periods.)