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Monthly deadline

3-Nov-15 As shown on the top right of our home page, the monthly deadline is 4:00pm AEDT on the 1st day of the month.

Club awards must be received by the Centre by that time each month if you want them included in the monthly update.

Very simple. 4pm on the 1st of every month.

Club Documents

31-Aug-12 All clubs now have the ability to download any documents that have been emailed to them this year.

There is a new option of Show Club Documents, which will list any PDF's that have been emailed to you, grouped on a month by month basis.

Refer the latest August Newsletter for complete details.

Date-of-Birth details

11-Apr-11 As from May 1st 2006, the date and month must be included on the Player Details forms when registering, activating or transferring players. We would like the full details, but the year remains optional. It has become necessary to insist upon this compulsory inclusion because of the many duplications occurring.

We are not asking people to reveal their age, just the date and the month. There is no privacy issue here. Peoples' addresses are far more intrusive than 4 numbers which means nothing to anyone outside the Bridge administration, but are essential to us for the legitimate purpose of avoiding duplications.

New features on web site

23-Apr-13 We've just added a couple of new features to the Masterpoint Centre web site.

  • Important news items will now appear on the front page as well as on the News page
  • The Promotions Report can now be viewed at the State and National levels (previously just by Club)
  • List of Grand Masters by State (via the State Reports page)
  • For Clubs, we've simplified the process of adding Alternates to your club by offering an option to search for a player's ABF Number

Inactive Players in ABF sponsored Events

2-Aug-14 It is important that the Tournament Organisers of all ABF and ABF Licensed events check their entry lists for inactive players. ABF regulations expressly state that all players must be paid up (active) ABF registered player in order to enter and play.

The web site is the best way of finding out about inactive players. if you search by name or ABF Number, inactive players will appear but will be marked as inactive.