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ABF Masterpoint Centre

Submitting Masterpoint Awards

There are four ways to submit your masterpoint awards to the Masterpoint Centre:

Upload via our web site

This is the most efficient way of providing us with your masterpoints. If you are using one of the professionally available scoring programs, masterpoint files will be created for you in the required format by the program. You can then log into the Masterpoint Centre web site and upload that file straight to our database (select Upload Awards Files from the left menu). As soon as you have done this, the points will be visible to the players, but will be marked as provisional until month end, when they will be processed by the Masterpoint Centre.

Alternatively, you may create these files manually by using either our free NAT4WIN program, or by using a standard program such as Windows' Notepad. However, if you use the latter option, bear in mind that you will have to create your file in our special Masterpoint File Format.

Once you have created your file, you should check the total by using NAT4WIN before uploading it. This will identify and unknown ABF Numbers and inactive members.

Manual entry from our web site

Also known as CPAR and Sundry Awards, you can access this page by selecting CPAR Awards from the left menu). You simply enter the points for each player. If you don't have a professional scoring program, this is by far the easiest way to enter and submit your awards.

Hand-written forms by snail-mail or fax

If you wish to use this method, you must pre-arrange this with the Masterpoint Centre, who will supply you with the necessary CPAR (Club Player Awards Register) and Sundry Awards forms. These forms are sent to you at the beginning of each quarter, and must be completed and returned before the advertised deadline. Clear instructions of how to use the forms are printed on the back of the cover page. The CPAR forms come pre-printed with the names and ABF Numbers of your Home and Altername members, whereas the Sundry Awards forms, which are blank, are used for anyone who is not listed on the CPAR forms. We are unable to accept awards on any forms other than the official forms supplied by the Masterpoint Centre.

Files via Email

If you are having difficulty in uploading your file, you can send it to us via email. Be sure to include in the email message the total number of points in the file, as well as any red point authorisation number/s.