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Help on Player Membership

Membership of the ABF

With the exception of youth players (players below the age of 26 years), there are no individual members of ABF. The affiliated clubs are the members. Thus, the terms "Home" or "Alternate" members, refer to the members of the various clubs.

Home Members: Players may belong to any number of clubs, but they must nominate one club as their home club. The home club is responsible for paying all fees due to the ABF and to their respective State Association. Home members are automatically included on all the home club's reports.

Alternate Members: An Alternate Member is a player who has been included in a non-home club's reports, at the request of that club. Note that the club adding a player as an Alternate is not responsible to the ABF in any way for these players, and may request to have them removed from their reports at any time, after which they cease to be alternate members of that club.

Other Players: Players other than Home Alternate members will appear on a club's report only when they have played and earned masterpoints in that club during the appropriate period.

See also Annual capitation fees

Methods of Player Registration

There are two ways you can register your new home club players:

(i) Using the web site: Select Add New Player from the web site left menu, and complete the details. Click the button at the foot of the page and the new player will; be add, and the allocated ABF Number will be displayed on the screen. A confirming email will also be sent to the Masterpoint Secretary's registered email address.

(ii) Using paper forms and snail-mail or fax: You can request a supply of the green Player Details forms from the Centre. Fill in the forms by hand and mail or fax them to the Masterpoint Centre This method should only be used if the club has no access to email. It is slow, time-consuming and expensive.

You should only add new players if you're sure that the player hasn't been previously registered with the ABF and allocated an ABF Number. For everyone else, one of the other options listed below applies. Note that once a player has been issued with am ABF Number, that number stays with the player until death, even if the player becomes inactive. No player may hold more than one ABF Number.

Editing and Deleting Players

Editing address etc: If you want to change the details of one of your current home members, use this function. You can only change details for your Home Club members.

Re-activation: Players who have previously been members of the ABF but have let that menbership lapse can be reactivated. If the player is unsure of their ABF Number, you can search through the inactive players here. It is important that players who have previously been ABF members are not issued with a new ABF Number.

Transfer-in: Use this function when a player holds an ABF Number and is currently a Home Club Member of another club, but wishes to make your club their Home Club. Note that the player must be Active for any transfer to occur. (If the player is Inactive and is also a home member of another club, a Re-activation will also transfer them to your club as a Home Club Member. )

Deceased: This option will mark the player as deceased. Do not use this function to remove players from your club or reports in any other circumstances. Deceased players are automatically removed from all reports.

Alternates: If you want a player to appear in your reports but not make them a Home Club Member of your club, they can be added as an Alternate. Alternates are explained in more detail above.

Cancellation of Home Club Members: Cancellations of your Home Club Members are done once a year only. The Masterpoint Centre will send out special Membership Declaration Forms in mid-February, listing all your home club members. Any players on the list who do not wish to remain as home club members need to be de-activated prior to the 31 March deadline each year.