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ABF Masterpoint Centre

Latest close-off: 31-Aug-21
Next close-off: 4pm AEDT on 1st October

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Welcome to the ABF Masterpoints Centre web site.

The Masterpoint Centre is the home to all things related to masterpoints in Australia. Players can look up their masterpoints details, and clubs and congress convenors can upload files of awards.

Use the menu at the left to navigate the site. Clubs requiring access to the clubs-only features must log in first, using the link at the top of the page.


New!10-Oct-21 As part of our system outage we have lost all data recorded in September. Unfortunately that includes ALL new player registrations previously done that month.

If you have an ABF number listed below, or know someone with such a number, PLEASE contact the Centre as soon as possible providing us with:

Your Name



Home Club you joined.

1142399 and 1142593

We would appreciate clubs to contact us regarding this issue as soon as possible as well.

Thanking you.



New!7-Oct-21 Problems with out host's data centre have been the cause of recent web site problems.

We have temporarily restored the database as at the end of August while we wait for a more recent database to become available. Until then, the web site will remain open for enquiry only. Club administration access will not be available for the time being.

MyABF should now be functioning effectively.

We will keep clubs informed of further developments.




AUGUST - Now complete


Clubs will then have until midnight Sunday 17th October to get all their September awards and player updates for the period from 4pm 1st September to ~midnight Monday 27th September (when the sytem went down). The stumbling block will be getting all the registrations redone so players get their same ABF number. Once that has been done the website will be re-opened for full service, hopefully sometime on Monday 18th October.

Clubs will then have until 10am Thursday 21st October to get any awards and player updates for the period from Midnight 27th September to 4pm on 1st October to be included in the September EOM update. The update will commence at 10am on Thursday 21st.


The October EOM deadline will be as per normal, 4pm on the 1st November, when the October update will commence.

NOTE: If we get all the information before the advertised deadlines above, then we may be able to complete the work earlier than estimated above. Please get your information to us ASAP.