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Latest close-off: 30-Apr-20
Next close-off: 4pm AEDT on 1st June

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Welcome to the ABF Masterpoints Centre web site.

The Masterpoint Centre is the home to all things related to masterpoints in Australia. Players can look up their masterpoints details, and clubs and congress convenors can upload files of awards.

Use the menu at the left to navigate the site. Clubs requiring access to the clubs-only features must log in first, using the link at the top of the page.


14-May-20 Effective from Friday the 15th May 2020 until further notice, the Centre will only be manned every second day.

The ABF have reduced my hours of operation by 50% to help reduce their costs during the current COVID-19 crisis.

So one week the Centre will be manned Monday, Wednesday and Friday, whilst the next week it will be manned on Tuesday and Thursday. One day on - One day off.

On the days the Centre is manned, it will operate from 10am to 6pm AEDT, on a normal business day in NSW.

Please be patient if you ring or email the Centre and you do not get an immediate reply, as the Centre may not be open on the day you contact us. But be assured if you leave a voicemail or send us an email we will respond as soon as possible when we return to the Centre.

Stay safe.






13-Feb-20 Check out the updated Top 100 Reports available under the National/State/Clubs Reports options.

You can now see how the Top 500 overall, as well as by colour, either Gold, Red or Green.

For the current calendar year you can now see the Top 200 Overall, as well as by colour, either Gold, Red or Green.

All the State and Club based reports have been increased from the Top 50 to the Top 100.

The online McCutcheon's - National, State and Club - now show the Top 20 for each of the existing groups.




6-Apr-20 In line with previously stated advice in earlier MPC Newsletters, fees and charges for annual capitation and masterpoints will increase from 1 April by around 1.9%. The ABF recognises that the closure of clubs across Australia in response to the current public health crisis will undoubtedly impact adversely on their financial position. The ABF's financial position is also being adversely affected as masterpoint and other income contract sharply over the 6 months from March forward. As the annual capitation income may be its only revenue in the next 6 months, after careful consideration of its budget situation, the ABF has decided against deferring or reducing the fees. However, the ABF will:

* continue to give clubs 90 days to pay their annual capitation invoices;

* consider representations from clubs in financial difficulties to extend this 90 day period further;

* waive all late penalty fees on all invoice payments for the entire period of the current public health crisis; and

* introduce practical assistance measures to help clubs get bridge teaching and playing started again quickly once the COVID-19 crisis is over subject to its budgetary position improving over the next few months (particularly as potential cost savings are realised).




3-Nov-15 As shown on the top right of our home page, the monthly deadline is 4:00pm AEDT on the 1st day of the month.

Club awards must be received by the Centre by that time each month if you want them included in the monthly update.

Very simple. 4pm on the 1st of every month.