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Help for Players

How to change my details

Player details can only be changed by the player's Home Club. They will log in using the login name and password provided, and alter any details. If you are changing your Home Club, your new club can make any changes.

If this is not practical, contact your State Masterpoint Secretary.

How to pursue missing points

Green Points and Other Club Events

Club awards are submitted either monthly or, by a large majority of clubs, quarterly. These awards, (which include intra-club matches and other regional events run during regular club sessions), are not reported separately. Thus, before chasing any points you believe to be missing, bear in mind that while our database files are up-to-date, printed reports are only generated and distributed at the end of each quarter.

If you think that you are entitled to points from this group which you have not received, you must ask your club masterpoint secretary to contact the appropriate club on your behalf.

All other events (National & State championships and Congresses, Cruises and Holiday events)

All these events are submitted ad hoc and are recorded separately on a daily basis, as soon as they are received. Hence, your first step should be to look on the Result page under the appropriate category to see if the event has been submitted. Note that you should allow for at least 30 days since the conclusion of the event you are looking for, before taking any further action. You should ask your club masterpoint secretary to contact the director of the event on your behalf if:

a) You cannot locate an event which was held more than 30 days ago, or

b) The event is listed, but your points are missing or less than what you expected

You should ask your club masterpoint secretary to contact your State Masterpoint Secretary only if you have located the event and it is obvious that your points have been given to another player